Saturday, August 20, 2016

New School Year!

So I spent most of last week back at school, making sure that my classroom is ready for Monday and that I have interesting and engaging lessons for the first week.  I enjoyed talking to colleagues who I had not seen in a couple months and rediscovering lesson notes I made last year.  There were of course beginning of the year meetings and activities and the all-staff picture.

But it's my gradebook with the names of all my students that keeps drawing my attention, and I keep checking it to see who else might be added to my classes.  I'm excited to see that more girls than usual have signed up for Computer Science.  A student I enjoyed teaching last year is on my roster for a different class this year.  I have students from all grade levels in my classes, and I get to teach some ELL students again.

All the names in my gradebook represent so many possibilities, so much potential, so many opportunities.  I look forward to learning and growing with all my students, and I can't wait to meet them on Monday.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Geeking out a little

I came across this TED talk from Adam Spencer, and I had to post it.  It tickles my math brain, my computer science brain, and my humanity brain, and it made me smile.